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Calcotada Barcelona Restaurant

February 10, 2023
Restaurant Pasa Tapas de la Barceloneta

By tradition, the gastronomy in Barcelona is recognized by the variety of restaurants and bars that offer the best food to share. One of the most special restaurants that is located in Barceloneta is Pasa Tapas, a privileged place, near the beach where we can share one of the best calcotadas in the company of our friends and family.

What are calçots?

The calçots are one of the most popular dishes of the typical cuisine of Barcelona during the coldest months of the year. Although it should be said that it is a food more associated with the rural world than with the city. It will be, above all, because these long and tender spring onions need to be burned in a wood fire (wrapped in newspaper) to give them their consistency and, above all, their delicious sweet and smoky flavor.

But a good calçot would be nothing without the sauce in which it is dipped: the romesco sauce made from roasted tomatoes and garlic, bread, dried red peppers, almonds and hazelnuts, olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.

Which is the best restaurant to enjoy a calcotada?

Pasa Tapas is a Catalan restaurant with 25 years of history in Barceloneta, with a wide experience in traditional cuisine and a friendly, close and familiar atmosphere.

Pasa Tapas has become the privileged place for many to taste the best calcotadas in Barcelona and also provides a warm and friendly atmosphere to share the best moments with our loved ones.

The option of Pasa Tapas for groups of friends makes its private rooms an ideal place to enjoy all kinds of special moments in the best family atmosphere.

In addition, if we think of enjoying a space with all the comfort, distraction and attention, the restaurant Pasa Tapas also has a games room perfect to start or end the night of tapas with friends.

Calçots in tile

What does the restaurant Pasa Tapas offer?

In addition to the delicious calcotada, tapas are one of the most traditional dishes offered in the restaurant. These are small snacks that can be cold, hot, in casserole, on toast or in the form of skewers. The perfect occasion to enjoy a great variety of flavors. Pasa Tapas will find the best ones!

There is a wide variety of delicious tapas to taste such as Japanese tapas, considered the best in the city, of which the cod tempura, mini meatballs and quinoa with prawns are especially recommended.

What other dishes do we offer at Pasa Tapas?

More Pumps

It is the quintessential tapa of the Barceloneta neighborhood. Its appearance is similar to that of a croquette, and it is filled with mashed potatoes mixed with minced meat seasoned with a sauce. The best part? Eating it when it is freshly fried, once the egg and breadcrumb based batter is still crunchy.

2. The Suquet de peix

As in other Mediterranean regions, in Catalonia and particularly in Barcelona, seafood stews are of great importance. Fundamentally, the Suquet de peix, or fish soup. This is a dish that has its origins in the cuisine prepared by the fishermen themselves on their boats, using the morralla fish.

Why is Pasa Tapas the most famous restaurant?

The romesco sauce served at Pasa Tapas is the most famous sauce in Barceloneta. This traditional Catalan sauce is made with tomatoes, garlic, toasted bread, almonds and olive oil, and is the perfect complement to calcots. We also offer other sauces so you can choose the one you like the most.

In addition to calcots, we also offer a wide variety of traditional Catalan dishes, such as paella, black rice and cod. We also have a selection of local wines so you can enjoy a complete culinary experience. Make your reservation here.