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The best Tapas in the Barceloneta area

April 12, 2023
Restaurant Pasa Tapas

Located on the Mediterranean coast, Barceloneta is known for being the most emblematic neighborhood of the city of Barcelona, where its beaches and tapas bars make it a paradise for lovers of Spanish cuisine. This area apart from preserving a long tapas tradition, is also famous for its beaches prepared for surfing. La Barceloneta has it all for an unforgettable vacation and so that you do not miss anything in this article we will tell you about the best tapas you can find and some of the best places to eat them.

Barceloneta Pumps

As the name suggests, these tapas are typical of the city, and are made with potatoes and minced meat, accompanied by aioli sauce or hot sauce. It is said that these tapas were invented by the neighbors of the neighborhood, as a tribute to the bombs that fell in the area during the Spanish Civil War.

Undoubtedly, this is a must try tapa if you are in Barceloneta, and you can find it at Pasa Tapas de la Barceloneta.

Ham croquettes

One of the most popular tapas in Spanish gastronomy are ham croquettes. These are made with a very thick béchamel sauce, mixed with chopped Serrano ham, which after shaping are fried in abundant oil until they get a crunchy texture on the outside and very creamy on the inside.

Patatas bravas

For spicy food lovers, patatas bravas tapas are well known nationally, but if you are in Barceloneta we recommend you try them at Pasa Tapas Restaurant. Patatas bravas are made of diced potatoes, which are fried and then served with their typical spicy sauce.

Galician octopus

This is a tapa from Galicia, but it has quickly become popular all over Spain. It is octopus cooked and cut into slices, which is then seasoned with olive oil, coarse salt and paprika.

Calamares a la romana

Calamari "a la romana" is a classic tapa in Mediterranean gastronomy. Its preparation is very simple, being squid rings battered and fried. Sometimes they are accompanied by a sauce such as tomato sauce or aioli sauce.


Gildas are actually a tapa of Basque origin and are made by skewering olives, anchovies and chili peppers on a toothpick, alternating between them. If you are a lover of strong and spicy flavors, you will love this tapa. To taste some authentic gildas, one of the most recommended places in Barceloneta is Pasa Tapas.

Codfish croquettes

Cod croquettes are a variant of the aforementioned ham croquettes, but in this case the ham is replaced by desalted cod. This delicious tapa can be enjoyed in many places in Barceloneta, but we definitely recommend you to try it in the bar Can Paixano.

Garlic shrimp

This tapa is basically fried shrimp with chopped garlic and parsley, it is proof that something as simple as this can become one of the most delicious tapas you will ever taste.

There are many more varieties of tapas that you can also find within the Spanish gastronomy although they have not been mentioned in this selection, such delicacies as Russian salad, aioli potatoes, potato omelette, fried anchovies, grilled artichokes, padron peppers, cuttlefish, rabas, paella, sea shells, anchovies in vinegar and many more, from the most traditional to modern cuisine tapas that will surprise even the most demanding palates. Do not hesitate to try them at Pasa Tapas de la Barceloneta.